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Need sexual harrasement help!

I was sexually harrased when i 12, and it went on for about 3 years. The things he did seems very small compared to other's experiences but I kno it's gonna haunt me.

So this guy who sat next to me during middle school band asked me out. I said i wasn't interested and he stopped asking me for a couple of days. Then he goes on constantly asking me until it turns into a "I love you. you wanna have a play date?" to a "youre so hot. hop into my bed" until i was scared to even sleep because of dreams.

On the day we had a celebration and i had to wear this beautiful long chinese silk dresses. I was okay with the dress thing until he sat next to me and started rubbing my knee, eventually he slipped his hand under my dress!!! To make things even more uncomfortable, he started rubbing his prop (american flag pole) against my leg backstage!

I was hiding in fear, spending my lunches with my yearbook advisor and going from loving band to wishing it would be cancelled everyday. The day came when i couldnt take it and comfronted the principal when he gropped my ass while i was playing the piano standing up. After that, I didnt really see him because he was in a mental institution. A little relieved until 9th grade started and i had band 4 times a week. I saw him for the first few weeks of school until he slit his wrist.......

At that point i was crying my eyes out wondering wat would happen if he comes back to school. I've told my counselor about it and it's been filed somewhere. But i'm still a little uneasy when hearing anything about him. I'd eavesdrop on my guy friends and i've become more violent. Just wondering if there's any advice to calm me down. i'd be real grateful
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