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Originally Posted by IBO
don't you people have friends, like who the hell would do this stupid shit?
Says Mr. High and Mighty, who is allergic to meeting new people. The thing that amuses me is that the people who say that sort of stuff are usually the ones with no friends. Harr.

Anyhow, there was a bit of a plan between a number of the senior members of the site for a social gathering in a few months time and this is the first thread about it to gauge community interest. If you are interested in coming, let us know. If you aren't, dont post. The logic of it is pretty simple, really.

There is not really any set idea for a venue - somewhere different would be nice, but realistically...I'm not sure. Whatever happens, it will be a fun event. Hopefully we can wrangle acliff and duckula into going cause it would be the dogs bollocks to catch up with them again.

Keep it on topic, pleasethx.
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