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Exclamation KKW needs you.....

Ever wanted to know how tall Liam was?
Ever wanted to attend the legendary OMFGWTFKKWBBQ?

Well this isnt the place for you, fuck off.

A new plan was crafted with the very soul of KKW tonight tonight. Yes beer. Why meet at Frank or Cliffs smelly old houses in London, eating half cooked beef in the rain? A more glamorous option is available:

KKW Summer Holiday in the SUN

Thats right folks, for one night only, consequetively over a one or two week period you can sun bathe, drink, laugh and piss on foreign soils.

Whilst only a pipe dream both I and Liam see great potential in this idea, I now open it up to you, the kkw members, what are your thoughts and feelings?

Note: A nice Mediterranean location is required, we arent all travelling to some ranch in texas. Also alcohol consumption is mandatory.
If this was school I would be expelled for poor attendance.

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