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Too much saliva, too fast without intensity. If youre both into it, then fast is fine. Otherwise its jsut innapropriate and gross. When people attack you with their teeth. Its like they're trying to eat you. Which inevitable leads to teeth clicking which is awful. Heading towards the back of the mouth, bad breath or nasty aftertaste from something they ate. When people breathe into your mouth at all. Any tongue-face contact. People who kiss your face during sex are awful. Just a little once in a while ok. But excessively its overbearing and smothering. Basically its not good just stop. I personally dont like visible hickeys on my neck or whatever. Even if i like getting my neck kissed at the time, I just really hate the aftermath. So if it happens alot with a person it annoys me. Although if other people cant see it then its fine. While making out i hate it when people touch your face excessively, like cupping your face. Its like, Im not going anywhere, i mean a little face caress is fine, but really its just annoying. I think thats it for now...
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Lord knows, it would be the first time
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