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Why pointing fingers out at other countries? Do you have any idea how long it takes for a nuclear cloud to come from Russia to Europe? (Referring to the accident in Chernobyl)
Global warming, Is a world problem, there are of course countries who pollute(d) more than others, but they cant salve the problem on there own.
It’s not because it doesn’t happen in your front yard that it doesn’t affect you!
I could easily point out my finger to Russia, or the USA or china, but than you should also know that Belgium is the richest country of Europe, but its also the biggest polluter of Europe.
It starts at your own front door,…, how many of you people recycle?
We individuals can’t do much, we can only try to change our personal lifestyle as much as possible, we can only try to give a good example to our children, and too the younger ones.
There are other agencies who have more power and better ways, to make countries and companies change there policies.


Maybe they exaggerate on some subjects in your point of view, but do you really think they get what they ask? You need to ask more to have the change you actually want.
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