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Originally Posted by Numlock2552
first thing, hi everyone! watsup, yea i know this keira chick is hot, but i've got this other problem... you see... there is this girl so freakin' cute and beautfull (heavenly). (shes in my class) i really really like her. but the problem is she has a Fucking boyfirend! damnit! why does she have to have a boyfriend???!!!
Cute and beautiful? Wow, her boyfriend is lucky. Simply ask this boyfriend if he's willing to share his girlfriend. If you do it in a polite manner, and fluff him up a bit, you know, give him chocolates, he may just allow it.

Today was the day I planned to actually "make a move" on a girl I like. Not make a move as in, try to kiss her, but to show her I'd like to be more than friends. It was the last day of the class we have together, so it seemed appropriate. Alas, she was ill. My (lack of a) love life has become a joke that's so bizarre, even I'm laughing. Ho ho.
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