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Originally Posted by booboocat
hmm never read the book
but i will someday. it sounds excitingly delicious
Haha. Don't you mean "deliciously exciting"?

Anywho, I still have my doubts about this film. I'd much rather Keira opt for period pieces than teen comedies (or something along those lines), but we have to remember that this may lead to her getting type-cast (a dreaded thing in Hollywood). And we also have to remember that the roles are kind of limited for a young, English actress in Hollywood. I can't really think of any other young female Brits who are big in in the U.S. or in Hollywood, period. Not to say that there aren't any, they're just few and far between. Hopefully, she can, in the future, master an American accent (something we'll get to see in The Jacket, hopefully), because I believe this alone will open more doors for her. I think she is a brilliant actress and she could really prove herself if she were given the right roles (in the future), I'm so just afraid that her 15 minutes are nearly up. Especially since she is doing Pirates 2 AND 3. Audiences may get sick of seeing Keira Knightley: The Damsel in Distress by 2006. Hopefully, she'll leave herself open for other work.

Bottom line, I just don't want Pirates to do to Keira and her popularity/demand what Star Wars has done to Natalie Portman (although, she is now redeeming herself with movies like Garden State and Closer). Before anyone says anything -- YES I am aware that Star Wars made Natalie Portman more famous than ever, but not necessarily in the best kind of way. Certainly not in the way I (and many others, I am sure of it) would have liked to see her become an A-lister. It's just kind of disappointing when a young woman with Natalie's talents rockets to fame because of films like Episode I: The Phantom Menace. She's better than that and so is Keira.
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