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When we get to the number of members which would sustain this idea, there would be too many to keep track of moves, etc.
Extra forums, would end up being chat forums, as you can't talk about the posse subject all the time. And chat should generally be kept in irc, or in a lower extent, in the general discussion (its what its there for)

Internet quizzes < google.
the only quizzes that work, are short time based ones, or ones that require creativity, and intelligence. Which are not really things you'd associate with posse group interests.

The KK posse don't actually do very much. They have the tag to show their affection for keira. Fantastic social interaction they have there.

Now I would suggest alternative solutions, but I cannot think of any.
Besides, you may be able to refine gold, but you can't polish a turd. (cliched I know, but it seems to fit the bill)
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