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Exactly...see the points about the size of the membership, what would happen etc...these were ALL things myself and Sephy discussed...what we concluded was...and here's the intiguing concept...let's open this up to constructive criticism and see what comes out.

Right...the membership...well our plan was to work out the framework entirely...PERFECT the idea...THEN keep it back until the membership is sufficient to sustain it...but I think it could well take several weeks to clear up several chinks, to come up with ideas, refine them etc, so this builds in for that time.

As for what would happen re: seperate forums etc...I'm unsure...but the KK posse seems to do quite well. The idea for inter-house contests (like quizes etc) sounds like fun...and I can see Ashlyn's point about allowing people to switch houses (but the idea was we didn't want to fall afoul of people saying it was too elitist...). I mean if people were changing houses every week I suppose that'd be a how about allowing a maximum of three moves between houses, after which point you either choose to stay in the one you're in, or just stay part of the KKW community at large)? The point of this thread was to raise these issues and hopefully see if any solutions arose.

The point was that myself and Sephy didn't want to just bloody define the idea ourselves, and then be accused of foisting it on everyone or acting like it was "ours" or any of that crap...seems we can't win.

Now...I'm not in favour of the houses, nor against them...because as yet what they would be has yet to be clearly defined. The point of this was to raise the idea...toss it about...and see what came out...constructive criticism would be good...if you make a criticism though, please just take a little extra time and try and offer a solution. Even if you then think your solution is unworkable...just post it and then say you actually think it's not a satisfactory solution...the point being the more those "solutions" get refined, the more likely they might be to work
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