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I don't really know about your facts, Barrington. But let me throw in a caveat and say that nobody does.

Maybe this warming trend has something to to with our incredible urbaniztion over the last century--concrete and metal and things like this certainly reflect sunlight and make it hotter in a city than the countryside. I don't think scientists know if CO2 emissions are causing warming or not.

The problem is is this: scientists get funding from environmental groups, environmental groups get funding from the public. Say a scientist does an experiment that finds no conclusive evidence for global warming. Don't you think that he may fudge the results so he can get funding? Don't you think that the environmental groups may want him to fudge the results so the public (now fearful about global warming) will give them money?

It's a terrible cycle, but it could just as easily apply to industry wanting anit-global warming info.
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