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I for one don't make promises unless I can keep them. If I do make promises, I do everything in my power to keep them. Accidents, traffic jams, freakish weather conditions nonwithstanding.

Bear in mind internet chat is dispassionate, and words can be just put out there, easily forgotten about. People say things on the net that they probably shouldn't, because they cannot directly link it to the consequences of what they've said. Lies come easier, as you don't have shit body language to give you up. Getting to know people on the internet is supposed to make people closer in real life because you get to know their personality first and foremost, and looks and everything else come second. To its credit, internet chatting does do is make things less uncomfortable when you first meet. Then you find out all the things they've been lying about, all the little things you couldn't hate that you haven't seen or experienced yet due to the internet veil...
Besides meghan, you're not a social leper. You're perfectly capable of finding someone who won't fuck you about (unless you're a glutton for punishment, which I don't think and hope you are). Looking beyond the realms of KKW may be a start...

As for your real life friend who loves you, I'd say be cautious of good friends who say they are in love with you. You might keep him around because it makes you feel better about yourself (it is pretty much the ultimate compliment) but he may decide to cut himself off for his own mental sanity.
I might be reading into this wrong, but unrequited love can be a demoralising cunt.
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