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Originally Posted by Mandy
He also needs to move out and get a life, job, place of his own...etc, but that's not really the point of this reply.

One thing I've learned, online relationships never work. Especially when they're in a different country and there's a slim chance of actually meeting them. If you've met them already, it's a different story. But then again, meeting someone for five minutes and deciding that you're soulmates doesn't exactly work either.I know he's supposed to go to New York or whatever, but I think it'd be best to wait until he actually lives there and there's a better chance of the relationship surviving. It's better to talk things out face to face than on the internet or on the phone, anyway.

Internet relationships only get you hurt.
True that. We kinda sorta just called things off. :err:

Just to make things clear, this thread wasn't about him completely, so can everyone take their negative attitudes about him and shove them back up their ass? Thanks.
xo Meg
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