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Originally Posted by MeggieHoops

Why do men always say one thing and then turn around and do something completely opposite?

My friend Jon, for example, told me that he was practically in love with me and will always be there for me. About 3 days later, he stops calling, texting, and IMing me for no reason whatsoever. I am POSITIVE that I did not do anything to provoke this. I've talked to him about it, and he said that he wouldn't do it again. But did he? Of course.

And my boyfriend, he constantly tells me that he would NEVER do anything to hurt me. And yet he compares me to other girls (girls he used to like, I might add), makes me feel stupid, and then yells and swears at me when I retaliate.

I could name at least 3 other men in my life that have done similar things to me.

I just don't fucking get it.

I realize that this is the "girl's" part of the forum, but men, PLEASE attempt to explain to me why you act like this.

1 of the 3 men that have done similar things to you reporting for duty.

the first dude probably realized what he was doing probably wasn't the right thing to do if you weren't returning the favor and is spacing himself from you to help himself fix the problem. he doesn't want you to think anything's wrong because that'll upset you, so he says what he can to get you off his back. give him a little space. he'll come around when he's ready. this is about when he's ready, not when you want him to be ready.
i've done this to people before and it's my way of letting myself get over someone. there needs to be 'alone time' of sorts, so just don't bother him about it. it's like putting butter on a burn.

as for hazzle, he needs to become less defensive and ditch the hoiler than thou attitude. his aggressive actions speak louder than the 'romantic' words he's always throwing at you when he's in a good mood. look at the actions, don't listen to the words. oh, and he has a temper problem. he ought to get that looked at.
i can't say i've ever intentionally made someone feel dumb then had the genius idea to yell at them when they take offense, but if for some reason i did, i'd probably soon lose that relationship because i'm too much of a dumbass to realize what i'm doing. in any event, he needs to snap out of a few things right quick or he'll be even further up shit creek without his proverbial paddle.
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