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Thumbs up Ioan Gruffudd and British Acting (a good thing!)

Ok so I went and saw the movie last night with my Boyfriend (I made it a goal to actually WATCH the movie this time) and I enjoyed it. When I first heard about the flick... I was interested... but I wasn't jumping up and down about it like I did with last years "Pirates" or "Peter Pan" (yea I know... I am wierd). But when I heard that Ioan Gruffudd was playing the beloved Lancelot... I did get a little excited. I dont know how many people in this forum are from the UK and US... but I am from the US. And out here... the name Ioan Gruffurdd is a very unknown. However, my father and I have been watching this little mini series called "Horatio Hornblower" on A&E for about 5 years now, in which Gruffudd plays the leading role. When I discoved this... I ran to all my friends and told him how amazing he was! Well, even though the film was just so-so, Ioan stood out above them all! He completely looks, sounds, feels, and acts the part better than any actor I know! I have come to the realization that British actors carry stronger appreciation for there craft than most in the states. I hope to see Ioan and Knightly in another film together. (I think they would've had better chemistry than her and Arthur!)
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