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It's not limited to the male of the species. I am going through the same thing right now. I've been dating this woman for almost a month, but there are these strange (and rather disturbing) "communication gaps".
I made plans for us to go out on New Year's Eve and called to let her know on the 30th. We had discussed it and she seemed to be up for anything. I talked to her at lunch and she was with someone so she said she'd call me back. Didn't, so I left messages and figured that she and some of her coworkers had gone out for drinks after work. Also, my daughter was down from the ATL and she was keeping a bit of distance. Next thing I hear from her is a text message on my phone that she's just gotten out of the hospital (she has a problem with her diaphragm) and that she'd call me back. Called an hour later and told me all about it. I cancelled arrangements (on Friday) and then didn't hear from her again until Monday night. I was worried sick, even to the point of calling hospitals, because of what she had already told me.
Met for coffee and a bit of shopping Thursday night, and haven't been able to get in touch with her since. I figure she'll call again tonight and act like it's no big deal. Or, I'll never talk to her again.
God I love dating.
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