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i've always though that any major changes our planet goes through, is by no fault of its inhabitants, its been thousands and thousands of years since the last major change in the planet and i think another is due, everything in the universe is expanding and contracting and moving around so its ignorant to believe that everything will stay this way forever, however luckily for us humans, we now have the capabilities to change with it, and as the bloke in jurassic park said (damn Michael Chriichtons on the ball) "life finds a way"

Originally Posted by Narg
Its all about money, thats why doctors are NEVER going to cure cancer, know why ?, there making shitloads of money from the treatments, fuck the cure, weres the money in that. Its the same with AIDS etc. Doctors dont cure shit.
actually they would make more money on a cure than they would not having one, the price of drugs for specialty diseases are VERY high

my grandad died of lung cancer on the 6th October this year and his doctor said that the fact is they will probably never cure cancer, they will eventually however find a really good treatment, where they will give you medication that will keep it dorment and say "come back for another check up in 10 years", the cancer will not effect your way of life, so i supose its as good as a cure
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