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Originally Posted by Narg
Never. They wont invent environmentaly friendly cars ever. Know why ? oil companys would loose FUCKLOADS of money, were talking trillions of dollars. There have been heaps of cars invented that could run of non-fossil fuels, but the people who made them have just been bought out by the large oil companies. Even if they refused to sell their product, they would most likely either be beaten into submission, or killed. Its all about money, thats why doctors are NEVER going to cure cancer, know why ?, there making shitloads of money from the treatments, fuck the cure, weres the money in that. Its the same with AIDS etc. Doctors dont cure shit.

Also, Nice post FF, but you forgot to add the fact that you drive a car and live in a large house that would use lots of electricity. So infact, your no environmentalist are you .
That is utterly not true! You think doctors delibrately hide a cure or attempt to not find a cure for cancer? If they didn't cure shit, you'd have died of the common cold you ungrateful bastard. If you learn more about cancers and AIDS, you'd realise why they're so hard to find cures for. However, the actual RELEASING of cures, then you may be correct. Pharmaceutical companies, especially in AIDS, want to have a monopoly on it. Problem is though, Africa is a poor country and its where AIDS is hitting the most. Catch 22, companies don't get cash, people don't get cured. The stuff about oil companies I agree on though.

Onto Scott's point, you're Victorian, surely you've heard of the wind farm plans in the Gippslands? Bloody assholes there keep complaining about unsightly turbines though, more about political ambition than cash, for not oil based economy countries I'd think anyway.

Edit: Scientists try to find cures anyway, not doctors in most cases.
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