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I think I understand the idea now, I can see how it could work if the groups talked about their own interests, but also came together to talk about stuff with the rest of the forum... However, if the groups are divided so people with interests in sport go that way, people who like music go that way (etc) there doesn't leave much room for anyone coming together... (except for talking about Keira, but some people don't even do that anymore)
You mentioned that people would be free to swap houses whenever they liked, but doesn't that just defeat the purpose of seperating everyone into groups in the first place?
I like the idea of the houses and having competitions between them - that could be fun, but as a way of seperating people for their interests - it doesn't really work in my mind.
Another thing is the number of people we have here now. We don't even have 200 members anymore - and a lot less than half of those would be regular posters, so we'd have like 10 people in each house. And what happens to the people who don't want to join any house? Are they just left to talk amongst themselves about any topic that is left over?
I don't mean to attack anyone who is really into this idea, I just don't see it as being very logical at this stage.
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