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From my analysis, this would create a huge quantity of spam. I understood perfectly Haz, don't insult my intelligence.

Not so much now, but I don't trust future members not to completely screw up the system. It may work, but firstly there is not enough people for posses, secondly, what do you suggest? A single thread with all posse activities? Other than that just becoming a signup chat thread, what would it actually achieve? You want seperate forums for each interest? Access restrictions for forums?

From what I can see now, those interested in football will chat in threads about football. Making a football posse is somewhat redundant, for example, I forsee a group backslapping each other, disregarding what people outside their posse and their field of knowledge say, as they're not in the posse.

It is an intriguing idea, but it would end up being an admin and mod nightmare. Its hard enough as it is. Besides I feel this need to exist in some virtual group quite caveman.
If the posse idea does come about, Me and Ducky will create an 'Elitist Bastards' posse, and none of you fuckers will be able to join.
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