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Theory of Global Warming

I'm reading a really interesting book by Michael Chriichton (the guy who wrote Jurassic Park) called State of Fear. In this novel, seroius flaws are pointed out in the theory of global warming. Really, it's news to me that it's a "theory", not an established fact.

Chrichton argues that the Earth is going through a natural warming trend. Also, it has never been proven that CO2 emissions are the actual cause of the warming trend. Other issues, such as the reliability of so-called "climatologists", are also raised.

One of the most interseting things I found was the mention of a guy named Bjorn Lombrg. Apparently, this guy set off to disprove another scientist who put forth that the envoronment was actually improving. In the process of doing this, though, Lomborg found out that the scientist he was disproving was actually right. (Maybe some Scandinavian members could shed further light on this.)

I just want to get some opinions from people worldwide. I believe in things like the Big Bang and evolution, but I know they're only theories scientifically. Global warming, on the other hand, I'm just beginning to doubt....
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