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Cut The Long Posts

No one reads your BS fellas, it is boring words

MeggieHoops, I have 2 tips {with sub stuff}

1. Don't Hug KeirazBabe if you like guys, Lmao, just lightening up the convo...

2. The hating is your defense, I do the same sh!t, make fun of girls that I like...{above, lol}.
2a) Chill Out and talk nice with LoverBoy, if he likes you he will talk forever
2b) Get touchie with him, it excites most guys, but not word punches{meanness}
2c) Since you are 19, I'm guessing your in college right? So eat private lunch with him, and talk about...{i'm stuck} about poke fun at other people you know, it works for me BIG TIME
2d) Drop the 'Gate' and let the 'Suitor' in for personal feelings, got it?

Peace and Love

good luck
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