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Older women huh
That is a toughie
From past experience, I got a couple of tips

1. Hello's and Smiles make you a casual friend

2. Logic talking is easy, like ryan's (talk about the test), those convo's will die hard and fast if you have never talked with her before. It will be so brief that you heart will still be thumping from first seeing her. It sounds like most of your convo's were like this before huh...over/gone/forgotten

3. You need to be confident, this is key as fu<k, you won't get sh!t if you are not. My quick tip, before school, listen to 'pump up' music, go to school and be confident. {like if someone cuts you off, tell them to get the fu<k outta the way, and then the bird with a quick laugh jokingly}

4. Practice, man you need to talk to other girl's emotions and sh!t. Logic is boring. Practice makes perfect.

5. In HS you gonna need a car, money, and skills to get any hot girl above you. That is the truth. All my experience has taught me the loud mouth di<kheads get the hot ones, cause girl like an adventurous guy. Go Party, that will get you a couple steps past the 'front door'.

Hope this shit ain't too long, but fu<k this is complicated, 4 years in HS taught me well, in College, girls are kicking down my door in allotta cases, and I am not 'hot' by any means, but 'they love me for me'

Good Luck and KICK *** MAN! Get the girl and drop this forum from your list of things to do....

c ya
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