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I doubt he'll be given as much freedom as Zizou, simply because Zizou plays behind the strikers in both Real and the French team, while Ronaldo plays on the right of midfield, in both United and the Portuguese squad.

On another note, I wonder if this topic can be converted to general football discussion. As Euro 2004 is over, the upcoming preseason is in full swing, and transfer rumors abound like mad cows on the British countryside (bad joke). It's a funny thing, what with all the rumors of transfers going to United and Chelsea, with Arsenal quietly going about their business. Wenger's up to something, as Haz and I have pretty much surmised, and one can only guess if (and when) Wenger will pull the money out of his purse strings and get a big-name player. Most of the teams' preseasons start in a few weeks, so I think we'll be able to see some names pop up, not just the usuals.
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