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I think we've taken our own take of the houses thing that you guys failed to understand. Let me enlighten you cretins (I refer to Ducky and Cliffeh here).

Right...on the KKW posse thread you may recall me saying it was a little silly having a "club" for KK fans when MOST (not all, but most) of the people on here are KK fans...more interesting would be people with common interests forming "posses".

Now me and Sephy, when discussing this, were thinking more along THOSE would actually create more closer knit groups...and the groups wouldn't be cliques as there wouldn't be competition and people would be free to switch houses (I see no reason why not). Anyone would be allowed to wouldn't be elitist in the slightest...the point is merely to bring like minded people within the umbrella of KKW members into small more itimate groups where closer friendships are likely to develop. IRC used to be pretty good at doing that, but I don't think it is anymore.

Sephy actually spelt all this out further up. If you hate the idea, just say have that's a discussion forum after all...but have the bloody balls to criticise it for the right reasons (not hide behind this "We're trying to make this place more friendly bullshit). We clear?

Thankyou and goodnight.

(Note to anyone else...I don't wish to offend any of you...I just know EXACTLY why the others opposed this idea...thread of 500 posts anyone? Never took these lot for sore losers myself...and I always thought they'd be man enough to be honest not try and use some populist bs to look like the good guys whilst bashing someone else...rather poor show fellas)
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