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Originally Posted by Pygmalion
Yeah but you can break your hymen by riding a horse or using a tampon......surely THAT doesn't mean you lost your v's lol
Ahh...well forgive me for not knowing that...I only picked up what little knowledge I had from sex's not like I HAVE a hymen to know about now, is it? On second thoughts...don't answer that one We don't all want to be reminded of my comments RE: Mr Depp. seems the technical definition for virginity is not having had sexual intercourse (duh) and since sexual intercourse is defined as sexual contact between individuals (note no gender specifics) involving penetration...there's nothing to say sex between two women doesn't fact I'd suggest the only relevant facts would be is it between two individuals (curious if "individuals" can include bestiality...but let's not go there ) and penetration of some sort...don't think there's anything that says the penetration has to be by a man's genitals.

I only used a dictionary, so obviously my definitions could be disputed, but since I used THE dictionary (Oxford English) I'd say it should do...considering how conservative the Oxford English is, I would suggest most dictionaries would follow suit.

Sorry if I sound like I'm taking an overly eager interest in this...just trying to be helpful
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