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Originally Posted by qzx00
Ha Ha, This is very much the norm for me! Not only have I learned that I enjoy it that way, but I have adapted my style to enhance my production with impoved accuracy and distance. If a girl won't let me nut inside her (which is still my prefrence) I will gladly take an eye out or land a shot in the mouth.
Gross. I'd NEVER let a guy cum all over me. Abso-fucking-lutely not. I personally think it's very degrading and just disgusting.

Hm...since I've last posted on this thread...I've only had two sexual relationships and I suppose I do regret one of them it because it was with a friend (we didn't actually have sex, but there was alot of fooling around) and it made things quite a bit awkward afterwards, esp. because he had more than just friendly feelings for me.

I've also had a few discussions of possibly having a sexual relationship with someone in the future, but it's def. not going to happen anymore, and I'm glad because I think I'd probably end up regretting it in the end.
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