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Originally Posted by Ranman
The first time for me was the best and most regretable
One of my older sisters friends slept over and decided to make a man out of me
It took all but 10 seconds and I was ready to blow
she wouldnt let me unload inside of her
so I spurted like a lawn sprinkler
It was a mess, she was screaming whats wrong with me
with droplets of gue all over her
I was spurting longer than the actual sex
thank god Ive gotten better(well a little better atleast)
Ha Ha, This is very much the norm for me! Not only have I learned that I enjoy it that way, but I have adapted my style to enhance my production with impoved accuracy and distance. If a girl won't let me nut inside her (which is still my prefrence) I will gladly take an eye out or land a shot in the mouth.
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