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Something that has worked for me in the past and I still use is: *smiles and winks*.
Smile at her, every time you pass her, not a huge smile just a subtle one, we don’t want her to think that you are making fun of her!
Smile at her every time you get eye contact and even wink at her if you get the chance. I don’t mean the "big guy who thinks he can get everyone" wink!
Just a subtle "hello there" wink in combination with a nice smile.
Say "hi" to her if she is alone, most girls like guys who take the initiative!
I mean it shouldn’t really be a problem, because you already chatted with her.
Try to be as natural as possible, try to feel secure, it will make you look secure.
The whole idea behind this technique is to give the girl a warm secure feeling.
That's of course if you are after a girl who wants a nice boyfriend because not all girls want a nice one!
Strange but true :icon_err:

Anyway good luck, and keep us informed
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