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Ryan, forgive me again if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you were involved with this girl. So would you say other than the blowing up this girl was worth liking?

If so I think that answers your question because people do weird stuff when they're afraid, and if that's what it is (and that's what it sounds like) that fear should go away after some time because the girl'll learn to trust that you won't hurt her. I think given how a lot of guys act (and you sound like a nice guy so you know that not all guys are like that) it's natural for women to be afraid of being left broken hearted.

I just think the risk thing works both ways. If she's not willing to risk being hurt, and you're not willing to risk being hurt, then it won't go anywhere. Obviously if you think that the person isn't worth being hurt by, then that's simple. Like I said, I don't know the situation, or the girl (other than what she's posted here) so she could be a right bitch and not worth the trouble. Just like not all guys are nice, a lot of girls are bitches and if that's the case, then I'd agree with you. If she's just being a bitch for the hell of it, good riddance.
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