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I assume you and Ryan are both in the category of "certain people" or "some people" or whatever it was (just basing that on your replies, sorry if I assumed wrong) and obviously know the situation a lot better than Allanon but I happen to agree with him (or is it her? Sorry if I've offended you).

I do think that if you're in one of those situations, and you know the other party does things like that, you modify your own behaviour and how you react to it. It's like the thing with bullying and standing up to the bully, where eventually the bully backs down. If someone plays games or does stuff like that, they're doing it to provoke a certain reaction. Any man knows all women play games, manipulation is something they're skilled at, and I think any honest woman would agree with that. However if you don't give them the reaction they're looking for, they may stop doing whatever it is they do.

That's just my thought, but of course I don't know the specifics of the situation and clearly other people here do so it's probably best I shut up now.
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