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Keira Knightley wants more cleavage

The Arizona Republic
July 6, 2004

Speaking of King Arthur, co-star Keira Knightley says she wouldn't mind stripping down for her art, but she wishes she had more curves to display.

"If the part calls for [nudity] and I don't think there's any way around it, then I'm absolutely fine," the Pirates of the Caribbean star tells Arena magazine.

"I like the whole cleavage thing," she says, adding that she wishes the art department had enhanced her figure in the King Arthur posters.

Haha, has she seen the posters? Anyway, does anyone actually have the whole Arena article up yet? I've only seen the pics ....

EDIT: I just realized there is no 'whole article'; just that write-up on one of the pages with a picture. I should have known. It is, after all, a men's magazine.

I kid! I kid!
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