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Originally Posted by Sephiroth v2.0
I'd think about it...

On topic: Love is complicated, Love actually showed that it can happen in spite of dificult boundaries (Kinda... film was a bit unfinished for my liking) and it can apperently make people do crazy stupid things (you know who you are). But what is it? Is it the undying desire to be with someone forever? Lust can be confused with love. Also what about love at first site? Or like Barrington said does it need time to take root and develop.
Me, simply put I don't know.
totally, some times it can be hard to separate lust from love, especailly since you'd probably be all emotion and stuff. i think the person i'd love would have to understand me completely, without even words, so when i'm mad they'd understand to just back off and give me some space. i hate it when people are mad and they spread it on to others by being bitchy. its a hard thing not to do when you feel like crap and everything around you becomes irritating.

btw Sephiroth, nice signature...Futurama, Bender i have seasons 1 thru 3
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