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Having being a member for over two years, I've obviously been through thick and thin. Its not so much a playstation forum anymore, its a games forum where the community is so strong, its unbelieveable. We have all different characters posting regularly - you've got trollers, spammers, 1st/2nd/3rd gen forumers, some forumers even split off to create their own forum, now known as, an online community and pub of some sorts.

Seeing this type of post is no new news to me, as it happens every two months on What I'm trying to say (and obviously failing so far) is that this type of thing will always happen - whatever you try to do, it'll happen again and again. Try to make a good situation out of a bad one

Anyway, for some ideas, how about some graphical competitions, some organised quizzes....etc.

Am I just repeating stuff thats already been said? I havn't looked at any of the posts in this topic yet

Number 62.
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