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I don't often get really angry, but this takes the cake:

Neo-fascist conservative looney-tunes spouting bullshit about a culture they know nothing of.
Originally Posted by dipshit
And while the murder of even a semi-human barbarian like Mr. Abbott is tragic and to be lamented, it would be wrong to ignore Mr. Abbott's complicity in contributing to the soul-deadening culture of death, ugliness, depravity and inhumanity that spawned his killer.
Yes, heavy metal spawns killers. Obviously, by giving his heart and soul every night on stage for his fans, Dime is to blame for his own tragic death.

I'm educated, I'm informed, I'm intelligent and I'm a heavy metal fan. Dime was, and still is, a legend. On the opposite end of the scale, we have morons who spout this bile, totally uninformed on the topic at hand and completely ignorant of who Dime really was.

Go to hell, you dispicable piece of shit.

Edit: I wonder how many deaths are attributable to the same narrow-minded, intolerant attitude that Grim seems to possess?
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