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I'm going to have to say wet t-shirt. And not like the slutty wet tshirt contest girls. I guess if a girl was out in the rain, for example, and was soaking wet it would be "hot".

I don't like thongs. I hate seeing them on every girl. It's almost as if you're meant to see the V, and it's annoying. I liked 3 years ago when you'd just happen to glimpse a girls underwear (regular underwear) and it would make your day.

Tattoos are really iffy on women I think. All the women in my family have tattoos; my mom and sister have very small ones on the back of their necks, and my other sister has one on her back. I don't mind these tattoos. I guess because they're all done without color. I find sometimes color in a tattoo can look gaudy and disgusting.
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