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I feel stupid replying to this topic now, simply because it's devolved into some Cristiano Ronaldo lovefest. First off, he's not the best player in the world. That honor would probably go to Zidane or Henry or Ronaldinho or the other Ronaldo (you know, the one from Brazil). Secondly, almost every soccer player has to be fit (except the ones that don't play); probably the only player that never really looked fit, but excelled regardless, was Diego Maradona. The guy was pudgy and stout, but he outran the entire England team in the '86 World Cup. (Must I bring back bad memories? Yes, merely to prove a point.)

The guy has a long ways to go, before he can really be good. He has real pace and lightning-quick feet, but that still doesn't account for much. Perhaps he may one day be his generation's Luis Figo, but until then, he can cry all he wants. I guess we all cry for different reasons... so close, yet so far.
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