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Originally Posted by Sephiroth v2.0
I miss that time where it was a dog eat dog insult world, where Jules and her lockstick were feared, religious arguments were pages long and Duckeh and Cliffeh were harsh than a desolate wasteland... memories
Be it known that religious argument threads give me the shits and will result in lockings and beatings.

The average age of people on these forums is around 16-17. At this age, nobody with half a mind should give two flying shits about anyone else's quite enlightened 17 year old theories on religion. You wont convince me, you wont convince anyone else and quite frankly it makes most people look like idiots. I remember Barrington and DragonRat could have a good religious argument, but out of everyone that posted on it, they are the only ones I can remember as standing out.

KKW Houses. Carry on.
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