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No, I don't think you'll hear the end of this for quite a long time.

Edit: Actually, no. This is the end of the line. Again.

I have watched over the last two days as you have acted like a young, petulant child on these forums. I have even tried to talk sense into you, as have many others, but I can see now that its like trying to get blood from a stone. I've also watched as you have talked shit to many of my friends. Its become clear over the last few days from this thread as well as the snippets of the vitriol saturated conversations you have been conducting (and seem to be quite proud of) that you have no sense of moral obligation, no sense of loyalty, no sense of compassion, and certainly no love for your friends.

Keep deluding yourself. None of this is your fault. Couldn't possibly be. After all, you are reformed and are a better person. Much better than anyone else here, and if people dont agree - well naturally, they are a colossal prick and a waste of your time.

Some of the things you have said have honestly left me feeling sick to my stomach. If you consider this therapy - you are fucked in the head. Anyone I have spoken to over the last few days has told me that any respect they had for you is gone, and to be honest, so has mine.

Finally - you have known me for a while and I feel that you should know me well enough to be able to guess my reaction when someone rags on one of my mates. Guess what?
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