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hahahahah you type so much, that your continuity suffers.

If I was being bitter or angsty you'd be a broken man right now and you know it, and for one claiming I'M being insincere, it seems intriguing that you're the only one lying about how you feel.
Yes lying... is that your definition, or the one accepted by most normal people?
Shall we start a poll? See what people really think, as opposed to what you like to tell yourself they think?

For someone who doesn't acknowledge my existance, you have a subtle way of showing it... :icon_err:

Respect? Do point out when, ever, you showed me any respect?Confidentiality? It was YOU who brought up personal issues in public first you'll note. Kindness...whilst you're having your recent issues, I offered to help you, when I had mine, you didn't offer the same...
Would you care to tell me what I brought up about you? Or would that reveal/imply stuff that I felt would be unfair to bring up myself?
You offered to help me? There was nothing you could have helped me on. Which is why I felt irritated when you kept on trying to force your 'charitable' nature on me, so that you wouldn't feel so bad about being a complete emotional burden. You remember... or was that a confidential thing that I shouldn't have mentioned? I'll admit I was wrong. Something you're incapable of doing, but I'd expect nothing less.

Oh well, I've been a terrible person, and I will stop. I bow down to your superior insulting skills, and I am truly a broken person now. I'm going to cry in the corner of my room having been outmaneuvered by the Hazmeister.

/me concedes
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