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Originally Posted by acliff
As Haz kindly betrayed to everyone on this forum, my father's business completely failed. Probably entirely his fault, as you were suggesting also. Then last Christmas, my parents seperated, leaving my poor mother, sister and myself in a substantial (read horrific) financial situation.
<ahem> Contrary to what your ego may tell you, this thread was not a slight at you. If I wanted to take a pot shot at you, I'd do it openly, it's not like I haven't already. Kindly don't drag our argument into yet ANOTHER thread, but of course I'll be the one accused of doing that by everyone

This is an issue I have strong views on and wanted to discuss. I've stated my views and I'm also a little too inebriated to actually wish to add more to my earlier comments, for now, I just wanted to clarify that this was actually an issue that I felt hadn't been discussed and could be, and one I actually care about enough to WANT to discuss.
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