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Originally Posted by acliff
If you were a real friend, then you wouldn't have made an attempt on your life. Simple as that.
Yes yes...of course. Being a friend means having no feelings...yeah...that makes sense.

And then you couldn't help but come back to KKW. Addiction? The feeling of belonging that you lack in some other area of your life? Regardless what that reason is, you are here now, and you do have to deal with what I have to say. And thats going really well isn't it?
I'll go where I want when I want, and I'm dealing with you have to say...the pile of bullshit that it is. Does it seem like I care? If so perhaps I have failed to demonstrate correctly the sheer apathy that surrounds this incident.

Don't mention the word friend here. In speech marks or not, I don't think you even know what the word means. Friendship is not pain. Not necessarily sacrifice. Not a one sided struggle to deal with someone else's shit over and over and over again. I hope by spurning the ones who you assumed used to be, I hope you find new ones. People who are too shallow to want trivial things like respect, confidentiality, kindness, heart. They certainly won't find those traits in you.
Yes...and of course you've demonstrated every one of those traits towards me? Respect? Do point out when, ever, you showed me any respect?Confidentiality? It was YOU who brought up personal issues in public first you'll note. Kindness...whilst you're having your recent issues, I offered to help you, when I had mine, you didn't offer the same...I wonder which one of those was an act of kindness? As for was you who claimed your behaviour was heartless, not me. I feel some remorse for shitting all over a "friend", even if that "friend" feels none for doing the same to me. Funny that.

And now I've given you enough sentences for you to pick out and reply to individually in a bitter, angsty ("But you haven't offended me at all") kinda way. Its nice to know you that you dedicate so much time to a former friend. Its almost touching.
Call it boredom. It's hardly bitter or angsty...I'm incredibly calm you'll find, since I actually don't give a shit. If you view it as bitter and angsty that would suggest it actually had a great deal more impact on your sensibilities than you care to admit, I personally don't give a flying fuck. If I was being bitter or angsty you'd be a broken man right now and you know it, and for one claiming I'M being insincere, it seems intriguing that you're the only one lying about how you feel. I bear no anger towards you, I'm entirely cold and ambivalent. You'd know if I was angry, and "mate"? This ain't it. You've seen me angry. My anger, where it exists, exists towards others, but as for you? You're dead to me and have been for a day now. So forgive me if I hardly acknowledge your existence.

I'm merely speaking my mind, and if you're kindly done talking out of your rear end and saying stuff that quite frankly isn't true (say what you like about what I've said, it's been honest) then I can finally stop having to clarify your bullshit and state the honest truth. You know, honesty, that keystone of friendship that you missed on your list of traits? Or loyalty for that matter...but what would one like you know about loyalty towards a friend...and yes, loyalty is all part of caring for a friend, which I'm sure we agree IS what being a friend is all about. You see it is not I who has no idea what a friend is, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror sometime. And not to stare at your own reflection in the vain narcissism that seems to surround your life.

We done now shitface? Hope so, as I really am bored with you. "Thank you".

Originally Posted by duckula
I think you have made yourself look a little foolish.
a) I don't recall having said I was angry, since I'm not, I hardly give a shit. b) I hardly care what you think I've made myself look like c) I happen to think that Cliff starting a personal feud in public is the foolish act, but since this forum is populated by imbeciles I'm not surprised the lot of you fail to see that.

Yes, I AM better than all of you...because I can be fair and balanced when assessing a situation, not kissing someone's arse because he's "nice" or "charming". Cliff's a prick, and for those of you who don't see it? You are too.

I trust that's the end of it?
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