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Social welfare is a quite difficult subject to discuss. Most likely people will say that we of course should have a system taking care of those who can't take care of themselves. But when it comes to raising the taxes to pay for the social services, people have a way different point of view. Most people are against any kind of tax raises, and that I perfectly understand. But people also have to think about how they would feel if they were in a bad financial situation. In Denmark we have very good social welfare, no one is really beyond the starvation limit (well, of course there are some, but most of them are alcoholics and drug addicts etc.) and that's good. But with the way this system works, it's being abused big time. There are actually quite a big amount of people living of the state's money, and a lot of them could easily take care of themselves. I got a friend who used to sit all day in a PC-café. Then he got a job, got fired and now he's again living on the behalf of us who actually does work. There's nothing wrong with him, he's smart has no handicap nothing. He just doesn't feel like getting a new job. Those of his kind are the ones who shouldn't get any money. Unfortunately it's very difficult to keep an eye on everybody and proving that they aren't trying. But if it was possible we would be able to help those who need much better. Or we could have our taxes lowered. My tax rate first 8 % then 37 % of my income. That's as low as you can get in Denmark. Some people pay about 70 %.
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