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As Haz kindly betrayed to everyone on this forum, my father's business completely failed. Probably entirely his fault, as you were suggesting also. Then last Christmas, my parents seperated, leaving my poor mother, sister and myself in a substantial (read horrific) financial situation.

After almost a full year of me struggling over contradictory paperwork, we are surviving due to the welfare state, who is paying for our house, and giving us enough money to survive. The fact that my single mum cannot work at the moment due to mild illness, and the fact that my sister is still in full time education helps matters. Which will go haywire on my sister's 16th birthday, due to the rules about child support benefit. We will probably lose our house, and move to an area less supporting of my sister's education. At which point I will probably have to work hard, and keep everything afloat through working weekends.

It is not the dignified homelife that I wish for my family, but I think there is a certain level of dignity in struggling through the problems without giving up on society or life. I feel through struggle we will end up stronger people, and will end up successful due to not allowing us, or our children to get into the same situation.

Which is why I thank my dad, coming towards the year anniversary of our last conversation (7 days left), no matter harm he may have caused our family, that he brought us all to England, a land where no man shall starve.

Improvements to social welfare? Better screening for fraud, less confusing paperwork, quicker response time, and not assuming that children can become money earners for a household at 16, especially when in full time education.
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