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Social welfare

Yes, apparently there's been a dirth of essay-length "intelligent" posts from The Haz (when did I EVER post anything intelligent?!?!). So I had intended to post this last night but, well, I was slightly inebriated and as many of you know got caught up in a petty squabble. my marginally hungover but generally coherent state...

Social welfare is an issue that's quite close to my heart. I tend to think that the systems in place in most of the world these days tend to be very open to fraud, meaning those who deserve it most don't receive the help they need. I tend to believe it allows lazy fuckers to get away without working whilst working stiffs are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet. Many are getting laid off early, losing out on pension benefits etc. This is clearly not the intent behind such systems, which are supposed to serve as a safety net to those who can't help themselves.

However any social welfare system is going to be open to such abuse, and given the state of human nature, we're likely to always make the most of such loopholes, so does this mean social welfare is fated to fail in its objectives? If so, does this mean we should scrap all social welfare, since it no longer serves as a safety net helping those who need it and is more a motivation NOT to work, thus hindering economic growth, and return to a laissez faire approach whereby we trust to rugged individualism and allow the poor to battle their way out?

In addition, what about the patronising approach of social welfare? It's as if the government is saying "You're not good enough to battle your way out of poverty so here's a helping hand for the rich folk who are so clearly better than you". Do the poor deserve to be treated like second class citizens unable to help themselves?

I would post more but I'm off out to the pub so...for now that'll have to do. What're your views on social welfare?
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