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Originally Posted by acliff
Well well Haz, run out of material that doesn't 'cross the line?' If you read around, you'll find out that I hadn't.
Really? I think you'll find YOU crossed the line first, I merely retaliated in kind.

I felt that I didn't want to embarass everyone involved (besides the fact that they're involved with you, can embarassment be any greater?), for their sake. didn't do that of course <coughs>. I think you'll find you did drag up that particular topic...well before I started anything...oh...and the day after I offered even after all your shit to still be a mate to you...more fool me then.

Again you under the impression that you have what it takes to hurt me deep inside... I've uploaded what you originally wrote, for the benefit of everyone.
I didn't say anything to hurt you, because contrary to what you believe, you've said nothing to hurt me either. I'm rather proud of who I am.

I'm not ashamed or insecure about who I am, can you say the same about yourself?
Yes, I just said keep up dear boy.

Well you've succeeded at telling everyone what most of them know already. One your few successes? You (thankfully) didn't succeed at the suicide attempt that you seem so keen on mentioning to everyone. Then you wouldn't have as many stories to tell us, and much less sympathy to absorb. But even that sea is drying up isn't it Haz?
I'm not ashamed of it, I have no reason to be. If it's a turning point to making me the person I am today, someone I'm rather proud of, I have no fucking qualms about telling anyone who asks. I also don't regret it. I regret certain factors surrounding it, but even if I could go back in time and undo it, I wouldn't. I think you mistake sympathy and pity...neither of which I actually need so you can all pretty well shove it thanks.

Like you say, I do have a pathetic existence. My loving family, friends, responsibility, maturity... such a burden.
Yes yes...keep deluding yourself you have ANY of those things my boy.

Perhaps I should pluck up the courage to 'commit suicide' and have people feel really sorry for me.
Nahh. Perhaps you should just do it and rid the human race of the pox that is you. I'll help you if you like. To be honest I wouldn't shed one fucking tear if you killed yourself tomorrow...funny that since you were quite concerned about me. I do recall a quote, I forget who it's by, about living your life so that none are pleased by your death. Think the fact I'd be quite happy to see your arse lying on a morgue slab and you wouldn't vice-versa says a lot.

Perhaps thats your life experience that I will take heed of, seems to have worked quite dandy for you.
Has actually.

Everyone loves you now, you have a new 'girlfriend' to be proud of.
I think the bit you missed is I finally love me, and I have someone to be proud of; myself. I'm amazed it hurts my "friends" so much that I'm no longer a pathetic wretch dependent on their help. Do you realise I was planning to thank every one of you for helping getting ME to the point where I could help myself now? Instead you all seem intent on wishing me to return to a state of dependency on you lot, suppose it made you feel needed, important, useful somehow. So thanks for all your help so far (note the sarcasm) but I'm fine now and I don't need your pity anymore.

I haven't told them anything you haven't moaned about, complained about, or something they have worked out for themselves. I'm sure they're dying to know all of the things I don't have the courage to mention.
Oh do share my good "friend". You've already crossed the line, did so first you'll note, so feel free to continue this game. There isn't a thing you know about me that'd embarass me...feel free to share what you will. I'm entirely proud of my life...I'm not entirely sure you can TRUTHFULLY say the same.

In defence of Narg, Your MSN screen name recently was 'I'm so sad, 2000 posts and counting' or words of that effect. If you think so, what do you think everyone else thinks? Or where you being deliciously sarcastic, about what essentially is the truth?
Awww, Narg needs you to stick up for him now. a) If I honestly thought so you think I'd share it? I'm not sad at are though...I'm not the one having a petty private dispute out in public. b) I was being sarcastic...hmmm...your life consists of work, uni, work, life consists of plenty of free time...I have no commitments you'll note and thus have about 18 hours a day at my disposal. I spend a VERY small fraction of that here...

Now...any more choice comments you have to make?

Originally Posted by Mags
How upstanding of you to blame the consequences of your behaviour on anyone but yourself. That's incredibly mature. Cliff had every right to see what you said about him on a public forum. That comment remained up there for at least an hour before you edited your comments to make it appear that you were above such petty tactics. You are a cowardly specimen of a human being. If you need to blame me for the fact that I'm honest and don't hide behind edits that's fine.
Errr. You'll find I edited my comments as a favour to a friend, because he didn't wish to see this petty feud continue and ruin KKW. You apparently don't give a shit about either of those facts, so where exactly was I wrong to blame you? Are you trying to tell me you didn't realise that showing that was going to continue this (and has done)? Then you're naive and stupid. Are you totally disrespectful of the wishes of others, or does your high horse not let you see that there were others involved in this other than just me and Cliff, and that as a favour to Liam, I withdrew the comment, much as I did earlier as a favour to Leonie. I apologise wholeheartedly guys, I tried, but I can do no more that retract statements that incidentally I stand by, but should've been said in private. I didn't choose the forum, Cliff did. Now kindly shut the fuck up.

I have no need to "hide" behind edits, I stand by the comments I made, they were well deserved by a man (and I use that term loosely) who has proven himself worthy of nothing but my contempt. You too for that matter. I may be a cowardly specimen of a human being but at least I'm human. You two appear like slithering reptiles...go back and crawl into your holes please.

Do what you need to do to help you remain blameless, I'm sure it's all part of the healing process that justifies everything you've done over the past two months, including treating the people who were desperately worried about you like rubbish, simply because you feel exonerated by the fact that it's all part of the healing process. I'm sure you'll let us all know how well that works out for you.
Oh no, I have plenty of blame here. I should have known better than to trust Cliff at his word to keep our issues off of KKW. At least at first he had a plausible excuse of doing his job as a mod...what is his now? None. I should have known better than to trust "friends" to remain impartial, and realise both of us have behaved childishly here. Yes, you'll note I accept my behaviour as childish...I wonder if Cliff'll do the same? I think not myself. Since when does being worried about you justify you treating me like crap, and insisting I return to a state of pathetic existence whereby at least you felt you could...what was a friend FOR me? I think your choice of words confirms what I should have were never friends TO me, just friends FOR me, who felt somehow validated by having a "project" to work on. As for the healing process, it's going fine and dandy thanks...I'm quote proud of the man I am...I wonder if you're proud of your condascending tone, your failure to EVER be a friend to one you claimed was a friend, choosing instead to pity him...and when he was no longer in need of your pity, turning your back on him. Now kindly fuck off.

It's not my intention to drag this further off topic. Apologies.
Now who's "hiding". At least have the guts to stand by the fact it was ENTIRELY your intention to drag this off topic, and you succeeded. Well done!

Now I'm done with this...
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