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Well well Haz, run out of material that doesn't 'cross the line?' If you read around, you'll find out that I hadn't. I felt that I didn't want to embarass everyone involved (besides the fact that they're involved with you, can embarassment be any greater?), for their sake.

Again you under the impression that you have what it takes to hurt me deep inside... I've uploaded what you originally wrote, for the benefit of everyone.
I'm not ashamed or insecure about who I am, can you say the same about yourself?

Well you've succeeded at telling everyone what most of them know already. One your few successes? You (thankfully) didn't succeed at the suicide attempt that you seem so keen on mentioning to everyone. Then you wouldn't have as many stories to tell us, and much less sympathy to absorb. But even that sea is drying up isn't it Haz?

Like you say, I do have a pathetic existence. My loving family, friends, responsibility, maturity... such a burden. Perhaps I should pluck up the courage to 'commit suicide' and have people feel really sorry for me. Perhaps thats your life experience that I will take heed of, seems to have worked quite dandy for you. Everyone loves you now, you have a new 'girlfriend' to be proud of. Why don't you share your hugely impressive life experiences with the rest of the community? I haven't told them anything you haven't moaned about, complained about, or something they have worked out for themselves. I'm sure they're dying to know all of the things I don't have the courage to mention.

In defence of Narg, Your MSN screen name recently was 'I'm so sad, 2000 posts and counting' or words of that effect. If you think so, what do you think everyone else thinks? Or where you being deliciously sarcastic, about what essentially is the truth?
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