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Originally Posted by acliff
I'm wondering what game you're playing, because you do realise whatever you have to say won't have the desired effect, and will merely make me laugh at the futility of your efforts? I probably should take your advice though, you're obviously much more mature than me, being, what, 4 years older? I'm sure you have years of valuable relationship advice, and life experience that you could share with us all. :icon_err:
My "game" is merely to speak my mind. You were the one who insisted on not having anything to do with a "friend" (I'm so glad you use that term so loosely), and then persisted in making snide comments. At least at first you could hide behind your modship...your excuse now is...? Oh yes, you're just a cunt...hardly news, so not worth any further discussion. Oh, and'll note I withdrew the insult after a mutual friend asked me to take some pity on you and not drag up your personal life despite you doing so to me. So I have. Twice now (yeah, as you'll see, no doubt, there was one in here but as a favour to Liam I removed it. I'm sure Mags will show it to you though...we all know who to blame if this continues then). Please desist with the personal know I can dish them out as well as you and we really should have this out in private if needs be. But continue in public and I have no qualms about doing it too...just so we're clear.

Originally Posted by duckula
Fag.'re funny. :icon_err:

Originally Posted by Narg
Hazzle, your a complete and utter fuckwit. KKW is your sad little life, hate to see you get banned again.. sad little life consists these days of...hmmm...going out pretty regularly, applying for work as a lawyer, and spending a fair whack of time online cos I happen to write novels. KKW is barely a few minutes out of my day...the irony is just a few nights ago someone was asking what happened to my long "intelligent" (I use that word loosely myself) posts and I just replied KKW wasn't worth the time...intriguing then that you should call it my life. It seems belittling me is sad.

Originally Posted by ryan

nothin' but straight.
Yeah apart from the 16%.
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