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Originally Posted by Liam
I find it amusing that you of all people have the nerve to tell others to get out more, for a start.
Easily amused then my friend. I'm off out to the pub in a couple of hours, interestingly errr...yeah...not quite sure what your point was.

Think of me how you like. I don't give a shit. I also dont give a shit that my use of the word 'fag' pisses you off, since you evidently dont particularly care that your 'comedy' pisses 99% of the forum community off.
It always has, why should now be any different? Quite frankly, to be blunt, the forum community can kiss my arse.

Oh, and since its my forum, I'll use whatever words I please.
It was a request for you to show the same level of intelligence you demand from me. Oh the irony...try acting less like a gorilla and more like a human being before you make demands of me. Yeah, last I checked, what with me BEING a human being, I'm more evolved than you, so yeah, you too can kiss my arse.
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