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Originally Posted by Fuckwit
Liam: No thanks, I was never seeking to be funny, I'm just too honest for my own good apparently. If it disturbs your fragile little mind maybe you need to get out more my dim-witted friend? And who ever disputed I was gay? And please don't use the word "fag" because then I will be forced to think of you as a knuckle-dragging idiot and have to spit on you next time I see you, and I hate doing that to friends. It's the single most offensive term in the english language you raging homophobe. And yes, in case you hadn't gathered, it pisses me off almost as much as my unfunny "jokes" piss you off.
I find it amusing that you of all people have the nerve to tell others to get out more, for a start.
Think of me how you like. I don't give a shit. I also dont give a shit that my use of the word 'fag' pisses you off, since you evidently dont particularly care that your 'comedy' pisses 99% of the forum community off.

Oh, and since its my forum, I'll use whatever words I please.

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