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Originally Posted by Narg
I dont think there is such a thing as too strait, i dont have sexual fantasies about men, and unlike you, im not in the hospital 2 times a week getting cum pumped out of my stomach.
But that's half the fun!

I think on the upside, since you live on these forums you probably have all the ladies hanging off your every word, and giving you sexual plesures around the clock, oh who am i kidding, you will never get any... ever. Unless ofcourse you fuck a keyring, or somthing otherwise unable to run the fuck away from your dry, unfunny sense of humour.
Funnier than you which isn't saying a lot, granted, but hey. I probably will get more than you ever will you monkey-raping bastard. Thanks anyway though.

Me ugly ?, sure, but your face reminds me of a 4x4 patch of gravel drive way, smattered with horse manua and rusty barbed wire.
Good thing I'm not trying to attract your rabies-infested carcass then, isn't it? I've never denied I'm ugly, it's all the ladies who disagree with me...guess you don't have that "problem"

PS: Burn in hell, thanks.
Awww, shucks, I feel the love.

Originally Posted by Glare
I masterbated 3 times to this thread, thanks.
Glad you had fun mate

Originally Posted by Liam
Haz: quit it with the necrophilia/paedophilia/other unfunny remarks. Its not amusing, and frankly its fucking disturbing. Also, if you use moisturiser you are a fag.
Liam: No thanks, I was never seeking to be funny, I'm just too honest for my own good apparently. If it disturbs your fragile little mind maybe you need to get out more my dim-witted friend? And who ever disputed I was gay? And please don't use the word "fag" because then I will be forced to think of you as a knuckle-dragging idiot and have to spit on you next time I see you, and I hate doing that to friends. It's the single most offensive term in the english language you raging homophobe. And yes, in case you hadn't gathered, it pisses me off almost as much as my unfunny "jokes" piss you off.

Originally Posted by acliff
My mum keeps on trying to make me use moisturiser, as I need to 'preserve my beautiful skin'. Frankly, the only time I've used moisturiser is after I got a friction burn on my face from being kicked in the head.
That's a lie and you know it. Those pretty boy 12 year old looks are the result of a 2 hour morning ritual, you know it's true, why deny it? Stop trying to come off the hardnut cos everyone knows you're a pussycat.

Ode to Haz:
Awww, shucks, thanks for the poem. I feel the love.

Originally Posted by Liam
Only on Friday meat market nights.
Count me in for tonight then
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